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U-Packing seals for hydraulic and tire cylinders are specially adapted for low velocity, low pressure situations and pressures up to 70 Kg/cm 2.The extremely smooth continuos movement with a minor initial strength startup is caused by its low inherent friction.
The compact configuration of this type of seal, allows to create designs that give an effective seal and reduce the total unit weight.        U-packing seals are normally provided with standard components (Acrylo Nitrilo), with a hardness of 80º A Shore that covers a wide range of benefits.They are fabricated by request for special applications in other components.
The seal is obtained by means of flexible edges that enter in contact with the cylindrical walls or rod. The maximum free movement is in the seal's rear part, to reduce friction. The seals efficiency is increased by fluid pressure against the interior edge surface. U-packing seal assembly is done by lifting and it stays in the cavities in a similar form as O'Rings.
    The finished surface of rod, cylinder and cavities working area, will have a maximum of 16 micro-inch of roughness for a continuous seal efficiency and a long life seal.
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