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This type of seals, also named CHEVRON, is generally used for rods, in medium and high pressure applications (heavy work), normally with a lid,  inserted "V" rings, and a base.
     The base ring is the primary seal, made of cotton fabric vulcanization impregnated with a mixture of neoprene and disulfide of Molybdenum for a better lubrication. When it is installed, the section is pre-forced to be sealed under pressure, but its resistance to the seal is regulated to operate at high pressures.
Impregnated fabric is also used for "V" sealers, named centers. This give a secondary seal, this is how, while the lid pressure raises, the centers increase the seal area, the female adapter provides the support and protection to avoid deformation by extrusion. They are fabricated in hard rubber or hard fabrics for standard sets.
    Standard sets are composed by lid, base and three centers, but they can be increased or decreased depending on the application or height accommodation.
    The composition of the standard set has been determined to perform with a satisfactory efficiency when being used in the recommendable operation conditions.
    These packing sets are recommendable for working with hydraulic oils, mineral oils and water/glycol fluids.
    The working temperature for this standard type can be of -40ºC to 121ºC. We also have resistant polymers at temperature range from -60ºC to 200ºC.
    The work pressure is determined by the diametrical set and velocity rod, being able to support up to 500 PSI in optimal working conditions.
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