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Rubber, Pressed and Extruded Technical Articles
for Mining - Construction - Industrial Activities
Our company is dedicated to the elaboration of a large variety of rubber, pressed and extruded technical articles,  oriented fundamentally to mining, construction and diverse industrial activities.
Since we began our activities, in 1988, our purpose has been to offer to our clients a personalized customer service, which has allowed us to achieve an important participation in the industrial rubber national market.
On the other hand, our permanent orientation towards innovation has lead to the incorporation of modern technological devices in the production line, also computerized control systems in the administrative and sales processes. We have reached higher competition levels, offering quality products at a convenient price.
José Miguel Carrera 8031 - La Cisterna - Santiago - Chile
Fono: (56-2) 5275302 - Fax: (56-2) 5589742
E-mail: mjimenez@seals.cl